“Does your firm do transloading…


Partial Container

Partial Container

“Does your firm do transloading of containers?  We have a client with about 8 ocean import containers that need to be re-worked onto pallets and delivered…”  

This was a question posed to us by one of our drayage customers.  The answer to his question is “Yes, we transload containers.”  

The high cost of fuel has an effect on trucking and ocean rates.  Container space is being purchased at a premium, shippers should try to use every cubic foot in every container that they ship.  Transloading is a cost effective way to reduce the overall transportation cost.

Our transload services fall into three basic categories:

  1. High density commodites – these shipments have a gross weight that exceeds legal road weight.
  2. Low density commodites – these shipments are floor loaded to cube out the container.
  3. Land bridge – these shipments are transloaded at the Port/Rail and domestic transportation is utilized from the transload facility to the final delivery point.

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