Transload – Dallas / Fort Worth

Attached is a 20 second video highlighting our ability to transload two 9,000 lb crates from an ocean container to a flatbed.  The consignee was not equipped to unload containers.

Tall loads

Training is so important…  In a discussion with a new team member today, we talked about the liability of hauling “over-dimensioned” loads.  His supervisor pulled up this video to further illustrate the point.  Enjoy…

Container Congestion – Port of Long Beach

One of our team members came across this Wall Street Journal Article earlier in the week. We have fielded many questions concerns and comments regarding this issue over the past several months. The article explains the issue, the effects on our domestic economy and gives us some hope that the labor conflict will soon be resolved. We […]

Port Of Houston – Dallas / Fort Worth / Oklahoma Intermodal Drayage

Our customers are telling us that they hear there is a shortage of trucks running between the Port of Houston and North Texas/Oklahoma.  In recent months, Associated Carriers has expanded our capacity for drayage of import and export containers moving through the Port of Houston.  With one terminal located less than two miles from the […]

Time is Money in Intermodal Transportation

Anyone that ships or receives international steamship line containers is aware that extra time at the rail or port can cost a fortune in demurrage fees.  The going rate is roughly $100.00 per container per day.  If the container is not turned in within the specified time of the interchange, detention charges will apply as […]

“Does your firm do transloading…

  “Does your firm do transloading of containers?  We have a client with about 8 ocean import containers that need to be re-worked onto pallets and delivered…”   This was a question posed to us by one of our drayage customers.  The answer to his question is “Yes, we transload containers.”   The high cost […]

We support Texas Cotton

West Texas Cotton is very important to  Associated Carriers. The attached video was produced for the West Texas Cotton Association.  Please look at the video, and remember to buy cotton. [vimeo 39793009 w=600&h=350]  

Associated Carriers Selects DriveCam for Enhanced Safety

The most basic and important responsibility that we have to our drivers, employees, customers and the motoring public is safety.  In December of 2011, Associated Carriers made the decision to install DriveCam into our entire fleet. What is DriveCam – a driver-based analytics solution that enables fleet managers to identify, assess and correct risky driving behaviors […]

Relaunch of Associated Carrier Website

Welcome to the all new look at Associated Carriers! After careful planning over the last 6 months, we decided it was time to freshen up our site, and give our customers an easier way to stay in touch. With the new design, the main goals were to: Make it easier to find the information you […]