Associated Carriers Selects DriveCam for Enhanced Safety

The most basic and important responsibility that we have to our drivers, employees, customers and the motoring public is safety.  In December of 2011, Associated Carriers made the decision to install DriveCam into our entire fleet.

What is DriveCam – a driver-based analytics solution that enables fleet managers to identify, assess and correct risky driving behaviors before they lead to a collision.  The DriveCam Program involves the installation of a video event recorder in the vehicle behind the rearview mirror.  The recorder includes two lenses – one facing the front of the vehicle and one facing the interior of the vehicle – that capture events generated by the recorder’s g-force sensors while also providing real-time in-cab feedback to the driver.

 The program was validated by scientists at the University of Iowa to produce a 70% reduction in risky driving behavior.

How do you manage safety at your company?

DriveCam Video Testimonials

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